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Innovative investment strategies designed with you in mind


​Innovative wealth management strategies that adapt to your investment terrain.



Get the most out of your capital in an ever-changing global economy.



A new approach to venture capital. Maximise potential, without amplifying the risk.


Alternative investment strategies to diversify and strengthen traditional investment portfolios.

Who we are

First Degree Private Wealth is a division of First Degree Global Asset Management Pte Ltd, a fund management company licensed in Singapore. We provide solution-focused advisory and innovative investment management to private clients looking to maximise their wealth and investment strategies.


Colin King

Executive Director - Private Wealth

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Stephen Fisher

Chief Investment Officer

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Tony Morgan

Chief Executive Officer

Why we're different - and why it matters.

In private wealth management, change is afoot. Many high-net-worth individuals are questioning whether they need a restrictive relationship with a single private bank. Online trading platforms offer instant access to all major exchange-traded markets and financial instruments, as well in many cases providing competitive lending and credit facilities.

What hasn't and will never change is the need for innovative investment strategies that can adapt to the investment terrain.


We are now into the longest global economic expansion on record, maintained by the need to keep the monetary spigots open and interest rates low. But, this expansion is underpinned by alarming levels of government and corporate debt, with extreme stock market valuations a concerning regularity. If ever there was a time when investment strategy was key it is now.


Buy, hold, and wait out the storm will not suffice.​

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"Colin and the team at First Degree are a pleasure to deal with. I can't thank them enough for their advice and guidance on my investment strategies."

- Robert Dix, Singapore

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