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A new approach to venture capital. Maximise potential, without amplifying the risk. 


At the centre of our private capital strategy is the need to preserve investor capital using innovative techniques.


Our investment choices are based on artificial intelligence-driven data analytics founded on time tested investment principles.  


Our unique product offering means that we can offer flexibility to our client regarding the entry and exit of our private equity fund.

A highly innovative way to invest in start-ups

Over 90% of start-ups fail. Most venture capitalists lose money. However, when these businesses succeed, investors are rewarded exponentially. The obvious goal? Back the winners, avoid the losers. Easier said than done. Searching for a viable venture prospect in the hopes of finding a unicorn, is quite literally like looking for a needle in a haystack. So, why not buy the haystack?

First Degree Wealth Management works exclusively with Hatcher+, a platform which they state, ‘provides a new approach to venture capital’. Offering a highly innovative way to invest in start-ups, Hatcher+ is a next-generation, data-driven venture firm that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to identify early-stage venture capital investment opportunities, in partnership with leading accelerators and investors worldwide.


The platform combines deep learning, quantitative investment strategies, business process automation, and a global network of co-investors - with the goal of delivering predictable returns to investors, in a usually unpredictable investment arena.

“Why look for the needle when you can buy the haystack?”
- Jack Bogle

Hatcher+ has analysed 11,762 deals and completed 105 investments, with its experts examining over 550,000 venture events over 20 years. Our collaboration with Hatcher+ means that our clients can enjoy the upside potential of early-stage investing, whilst diminishing the risk of permanent loss.

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