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Innovative wealth management strategies that adapt to your investment terrain


In a world of uncertainty and low interest rates, we provide truly personalised present-day advice on competitive risk-averse options for your capital.


We work with our clients to implement innovative investment strategies that are aligned with current economic conditions and well-prepared for future forecasts.


We have helped hundreds of private clients with tailored plans to efficiently manage their wealth through seasoned, risk-conscious advice.

The alternative to private banking

The need for a traditional private banking relationship is fast becoming superfluous for high net worth individuals due to ever more sophisticated and connected online trading platforms. What will never be superfluous is traditional private banking advisory services. It's traditional because it's stood the test of time.

As we head into the next economic cycle, you'll need to be proactive with your wealth. Whether you have felt clear on your financial priorities in the past, or need guidance on a new path to take, our experts can work with you on your financial plans and help you achieve, and even surpass, your ambitions.

“Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalise on what comes.”
- Zig Ziglar

First Degree Private Wealth has vast knowledge and years of experience in analysing investment portfolios and providing tailored management strategies that can adapt to the ever-changing global economy.

Get in touch using the form below to find out how we can help you manage your wealth.

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